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Looking for Italian, English, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin or Croatian interpreting services you can trust? As a team, we ensure your events, business negotiations and conferences run successfully. Achieve your goals and convey the message, so that language never becomes a barrier between you and your audience. Even though we are mainly based in Croatia and Italy, we have travelled all around Europe for our interpreting assignments, and we are always happy to offer our services wherever your venue is. Therefore, distance is not a problem for us, nor should it be for you.

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Both Nicoletta and Maja work in English, Italian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Montenegrin. If you need interpreters for other languages, we’ll be happy to find colleagues who meet your needs and organise the perfect interpreting team for every event. We provide interpreting services in the following language combinations: Croatian – English, English – Italian, English – Serbian, English – Bosnian, English – Montenegrin, Croatian – Italian, Italian – Bosnian, Italian – Serbian, Italian – Montenegrin.

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Why choose us?

The right type of interpreting

Is your product or service ready to take off in the Balkans? Are you planning a product launch? Or is it a press conference or, maybe, maybe staff training? Perhaps your company prepares the annual staff summer camp and you need interpretation for Croatian workshops? Choosing the right type of interpretation is crucial to ensure the successful outcome of your event or meeting: that is why we’re here to help you determine what best suits the event, venue or subject.

Check out different interpreting services.

The right interpreter

It is very important that interpreters master the subject matter. For that reason, clients are asked to provide support material, speeches, documents, presentations and videos. The success of your event is a joint effort! We are committed to privacy and professional secrets, and we are always ready to sign non-disclosure agreements upon your request. As interpreters, we truly listen to what is being said and, what’s more, we also have excellent public speaking skills, which are mandatory for consecutive and liaison interpreting. Find out more about us and listen to our voices.

Check out our references and client reviews and ask for our interpreting projects list – we’ll be happy to share and prove our considerable interpreting experience.  

– multi-language interpreting team coordination
– translation of conference-relevant materials
– advice on technical equipment
STIP Rijeka

Simultaneous Interpreting

International conferences, multicultural and cross-border project meetings, international management board sessions, global sales presentations, stakeholders’ meetings, high-level formal meetings, summits and many other international events need simultaneous interpreting. Conference interpreting is performed on the spot: interpreters work in a two-person team and interpret what the speaker is saying at the exact same moment as they’re speaking. This ensures multi-lingual conferences flow as smoothly and quickly as if they were in a one language. 


Consecutive Interpreting

You’ll need consecutive interpreting services when presenting a product, introducing new services or at press conferences and short presentations in venues where technical equipment is not available. The interpreter has to listen to the speech, or parts of it, and then interpret it into the target language after the speaker has finished. To handle large amounts of information, note-taking technique is essential as well as an excellent memory and the ability to think on the fly. We’re trained professionals and we have experience interpreting in different circumstances, even for live TV and radio shows. 


Whispered Interpreting or Chuchotage

Formal receptions, high-level meetings and dinners and all the occasions when there are only one or maximum three participants requiring assistance. It is a form of simultaneous interpreting which is, as the name says, whispered directly into the recipient’s ear. For this type of interpretation, the interpreter sits next to, or slightly behind, the client while whispering the interpretation of the original speech. This mode is usually only used when technical equipment cannot be used for a number of different reasons. We silently blend into the event and invisibly help convey the message. Shhh.


Liaison Interpreting

This is the official name for what many call “business meeting interpreting”. You’ll need liaison interpreting services at your B2B meetings, exhibitions, round tables, business meetings and at one-on-one meetings and negotiations. Liaison interpreting is used to facilitate understanding between two parties that speak different languages: these could be two people, an individual and a small group, or two small groups. The interpreter shares the same space as the parties involved and needs to have a perfect command of both languages and cultures to guarantee an effective communicative process. So, tell us: when is your next meeting?


Medical Interpreting

Medical interpreters work with patients in hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, during clinical trials, at rehabilitation facilities, in nursing homes and mental health clinics. We act as conduits between patients and medical professionals by listening to the professional and orally translating information into a patient’s native language in layman’s terms. The medical interpreter then translates the patient’s response back to the professional, using proper medical terminology. 

During the visit, cultural misunderstandings between a professional and patient may occur. This is why we are here to anticipate these events and try to avoid them. Interpreters also are privy to sensitive information, so they must maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

Both Maja and Nicoletta have completed relevant trainings in order to be able to provide interpretation in extremely sensitive environment as healthcare setting is:

  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Being trained on the specifics of HIPAA is critical to working with most medical benefits companies.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens – risks of bloodborne pathogens and similar safety risks in a healthcare setting as well as means of protection. Being trained on the specifics of Bloodborne Pathogens is critical to working in a hospital.
  • OR Protocol – safety measures to ensure patient and staff safety in the Operating Room where the most complex, vital procedures take place. Being trained on the specifics of OR Protocol is critical to working in a hospital setting.
  • Interpreter Protocols and Code of Ethics – essential interpreter protocols, standards of practice and Code of Ethics.

Remote interpreting

When circumstances require remote interpreting services (RSI), we are equipped and ready to serve our valued Clients directly from our office. We are technology savvy and we will be happy to share our experience and coordinate the event set-up, choose the RSI provider, select the interpreting team and finally, be there to deliver your message to your international audience. RSI system enables interpreters to work from anywhere, anytime thus being cost-effective as there is no need to hire expensive equipment, technicians or cover travel expenses of the interpreters. Both Maja and Nicoletta are certified KUDO interpreters, but will also be happy to work on any other RSI platform requested. Telephone interpreting is also an efficient and affordable method of communicating when the interpreter is needed in a remote place for a short period of time but the budget does not cover transfers and logistics. No matter where you are in the world, we can be there and assist patients in hospitals, two parties discussing their sales agreement, staff meetings, job interviews… Feel free to reach out and we’ll happily provide a free consultation and organise the service.


Professional, timely and efficient written, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting service! Quick to adapt and take on new challenges!

Olga Kandrač, US Export Control and Related Border Security Program
Nicoletta did a great job in some of our most important international events that are technically and politically sensitive in nature, like the “BioGI Forum” and “International liberal conference” in Poreč, Istria. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for translations!

Davor Pinzan, Head of department of Public relations at Istrian democratic assembly (IDS)

Nicoletta has been leading the interpretation team since the very first edition of Istria Gourmet Festival. Given her extensive experience and preparation as well as the flexibility to adapt to different environments we are always happy to work with Nicoletta.

Marko Marković, Marketing Manager – Istria Tourism Board


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